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How Do You Run A Successful Marketing Campaign
That Attracts More New Clients?

Success in marketing starts and ends with one thing ONLY – the ability to generate business whenever you need it.

If you cannot sell your products and services at the full retail value in order to make an honest profit because the competition is undercutting your prices, you end up competing on price, earning less and less which is no way to run a successful business. Learning how to implement genuine, direct response advertising and marketing treasures will determine if you rise above the norm and become the leader in your industry or fall by the wayside.

One of the crucial tests of success in business is to obtain better quality customers that pay more for your products and services  (eliminating the price shoppers), by testing and measuring different adverts and offers, using trust, integrity and no sales pressure. The next key principle is to bring those same customers back to your business buying from you more often. This is our core expertise at More Clients Fast.

One of the unique benefits we can incorporate for you as our client is a very effective in-house referral program, so you gain more clients from the ones you already have without spending large amounts of money… This typically minimises large advertising expenses while delivering more cashflow.

Avoid Making These Mistakes:

The majority of business and company owners fall blindly into the trap of not split testing and measuring their adverts and experimenting with the written word.

What is split testing and measuring?

An example would be running six or seven adverts on the same advertising medium (say the Sydney Morning Herald), and implementing a different giveaway, bonus or compelling offer in each advert. At the end of the advert run (in this case six weeks) we would add up how many phone calls came in from each individual advert.

Power of the Written Word

The next time we run an advert in the Sydney Morning Herald we would use the one that previously brought in the most phone calls. And this is where the magic starts...

It’s important you understand that those behind an advertising medium like the radio, TV, newspaper, magazines or the internet are NOT always people who typically understand how to make your adverts deliver desired results. For example a television advert during the broadcasting of a key national event will not automatically guarantee a large number of new clients.

With a few tweaks, some split testing and measuring you will have an advert that proves it’s worth and is a good fit for your marketing and your business.

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I personally will look forward to bringing you more customers who pay more for your products and services and keep coming back to buy more often.

By Mark Anthony



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