Check if your website is aproved by Google as a Mobile Device Friendly website


 For tracking I use Pro Rank Tracker.


Optimising for Google - 

seo-monsterI use this gentleman to do some of my SEO reports because they are very good and he has a super fast delivery.

google-citationsI use this gentleman to do my Google Maps citations.

grHow to set up Google Reviews FAST.

how to write google reviews from a websiteHow to set up Google Reviews FAST on any website.

Google Adwords Preview Tool

google-seoYoutube SEO and website SEO these guys are on Fiverr and quite good.

b'The best system for increasing Google reviews I've ever seen.


How to check if your authorship in Google Plus is set up correctly.

Enter your domain name into the area on this page   and if the result shows your image from your Google plus account you have done it correctly. 

You will need to confirm your email address with Google Authorship here:  

Here is a video that shows the whole process:   


How to set up Google Adwords

Adwords Dynamic Retargeting