Know Your USP, Deliver it With a Compelling Nature
and Get More Clients for Your MLM Business

In past articled, videos and webinars we have talked many times about communicating using your unique selling proposition, or USP. But, what exactly does a USP look like and how do you create one? A USP is simply the manifestation of your intention in the form of a product or service that directly meets your audience's needs.

This is as useful in MLM, as it is critical to offer your audience something of value that builds trust and loyalty. Creating a USP is actually a simple process broken down into three steps.

(1) Determine Who Your Customers Are

The first question you must ask yourself is: "where is my market?". In other words, what people do I have access to already. This isn't necessarily just your warm market. With the impact of social media, you also have an extended warm market. This extended group of family and friends will contain individuals who demand the same respect as a cold circle.

While they may be familiar with your name, there is not always an immediate sense of trust between you. Keep in mind the characteristics of your audience by watching their interaction in the social media sphere, as well as the personal attributes you know of your warm market. With an understanding of your audience in this way, you will give it an overall personality.

(2) Decide Who You Are To Your Customers

When taken into consideration, the personality of an audience reveals ways of reacting that you can account for when developing your unique offering. However, you must first evaluate yourself in regards to skills, passions, and talents. Your USP must reflect not only the audience you are catering too, but also what you find easy and fun to do.

While this may seem very simple, starting at that point will easily transition into a more formal look at the skills you have acquired over the years. Evaluating your skills as to the level of your enjoyment relates directly to identifying the activities you are most passionate about. Combined, skills and passion, translate into talents that you can now apply towards identifying a particular area of expertise or leadership that you can establish yourself in.

(3) Develop What You Have To Offer

Now that you've considered both your audience and your field(s) of passion and expertise, you must convert that into a product or service offering. In other words, you want to bridge the gap between you and your customers by establishing yourself as an expert, guru, or leader in a particular field, called a niche.

This niche, in turn, must correlate in some way to the product that you have chosen to sell (or will choose to sell) in the MLM model. Establishing yourself as an expert, guru, or leader will further promote you as a trustworthy business person, and ultimately create an environment where recruiting team members becomes easier.

By applying each of these steps in this particular order, and carefully considering the concepts mentioned, you will successfully create a unique selling proposition that meets the need of a hungry group of consumers. In the end, don't forget our discussion on setting the proper intentions for your business.

Without that mindset, this exercise will feel superficial and the likelihood of success will be diminished. Start with an intention and complete this exercise to create a bright future in your network marketing business.

Would you like to hear my USP that I use for my businiess?
Here is a very short audio of my USP -

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