First… Here’s the email broken down.

Hi John,
It’s (your name) here

Not sure if you can help me, but I thought you could give me your honest opinion. (By starting off from a position of humility rather than with the typical assumptive introduction, and by asking for help, this email gives the reader the freedom to choose without feeling trapped by the typical approach)

As you know, I’ve been working in the health industry in my spare time and I’m about to take things up a notch so I’m wondering if you wouldn’t mind helping me out.

Would you be open to trying some of the products I promote followed by your honest opinion on if you think they are better quality and cost effective compared to what you are currently using? (By not inviting them to a meeting that you can’t elaborate on yet expect them to turn up too you are being seen as transparent and genuine. Additionally this eliminates the pressure of not having all the answers when asked “what is it” or “is this like Amway”)

I am looking for honest testimonials from genuine people, and that's why I've called you.

The products are items you already buy anyway and I've already organised a wholesale rate for you so you will save a few bucks too.

Any help you could provide would be very graciously appreciated (This statement expresses the warmth of the writer’s gratitude in advanced.)

I’ll give you a call tonight for a quick chat.

Warmest regards,

(You’re Name)
Phone Number