Does Direct Response Marketing Still Work
for Business to Business?

People who market business to business think their business is oh-so-different.

It’s like the business owner who purchases a new swimming pool for his home, or a restaurant meal, he becomes a completely different person when he buys something for his business.

All of a sudden, he becomes completely devoid of personality.

And you need to communicate with him more seriously and in different tones.

It's crazy, that’s what it is.


Simply because no matter what business you send a letter to, a business never reads your letter…

A Human Being Does!

Sure, there might be some difference with business to business vs. business to consumer.

For instance, you might create a different “pitch” if you’re selling a high value computer system, than if you’re selling a hair cut.

The offer might be different.

The approach might be different.

And you need to tailor the letter to who you’re sending it to. For instance, a letter to an accountant would be more conservative than a letter to a real estate agent or car mechanic.

But in essence, they’re mainly the same because when you and I get out of bed in the morning, business owner or not, we’re a human being. And we all have the same fears, same desires, same frustrations, etc.

So does direct response marketing work for business to business?

You bet it does.

That's it for now...  

Mark Anthony


By Mark Anthony