Do you believe this statement?

It’s Easy to Make Money Online (Anyone Can Run This Business).

It’s amazing how easily you can tell what someone’s really thinking, or what they really want, by listening to what they say. You don’t have to be an expert or psychologist to work this out, either.

Here’s is a tip. Whenever anyone says anything at all – whether it be your wife, husband, friend, or partner – focus on two things.

What they’re saying…
And why they’re saying it.

The most common question my new clients have when they want some advice on starting a new business, marketing online, or making more money from their existing business is …

“Mark, can you optimise my website for Google? I want more traffic.”

I hear what they’re saying, but what they really mean is:
“Mark, can you sort out my website for me so I can just sit on my arse while Google sends me lots of traffic, bringing me lots and lots of money for doing absolutely bugger all? Also, I need to ensure that if it fails that I can blame you. Deal?”

Here’s What You Need to Know
The qualities needed to set up and run a successful online or offline business today are exactly the same qualities
needed in business 15, 50, or 2,000 years ago. Determination, persistence, burning desire, continuous self-improvement, hard work, ongoing education, testing and measuring, smart marketing, expert advice – all the same principles apply.

And what it comes down to is that you need to change YOU before you can change how much you earn.

With the internet, everyone thinks they can get a piece of the action without putting in real effort. Everybody says
they want to run their own business and get rich, but if you actually handed most people a ready-made, proven business
template on a silver platter, they’d give you 100 excuses why the time’s just not quite right for them!


Most people are scared shit less of taking on the responsibility for their own success or failure. So, when they
approach me about starting a business and ask me to “take care of all that marketing stuff,” they’re subconsciously
telling me that they want to hand over all responsibility to someone else like Google … or ME!

At least if they fail in that type of scenario, they can conveniently pass the blame.

And if the approach succeeds? Well, who wouldn’t want business success without effort? But with that approach …
anything resembling success is EXTREMELY unlikely!

Listen, I used to search for shortcuts and make excuses, too. But I discovered that you must be prepared to embark
on a journey of self-discovery and self-improvement before success in your business can be fully realised.

And you simply cannot rely on others to send you customers. You can do a MUCH better job marketing your own business than ANYONE else!

Did you know that most people are actually more scared of success than they are of failure?

Why do you think people spend all their spare time on Facebook, in chat rooms, gaming, blabbing on forums, and
reading pointless blogs? Well, for the same reason they watch mind-trash TV like oprah winfrey, Days of Our Lives, and
the X-Factor. Reality television not only provides a way to escape from their own mundane lives but exonerates them
from taking responsibility.

Don’t get me wrong, some of this stuff is fun. I do like Facebook because it saves me time and makes it easier to
keep in touch with all my friends and family in one place.

This is crucial for an international citizen. But, good things should be taken in reasonable doses, and spending all your
free time watching crap TV or loitering on social websites is the equivalent of sticking your head in the sand.

Billy Connolly, the great Scottish comedian, actor, and musician – and someone I admire greatly – was once asked
by an interviewer, “Billy, as someone who came from a poor, working-class background in Glasgow, an abused child with
very little education, how did you get to become so obviously very talented and hugely successful?”

"Well," he replied." I didn’t get it sitting watching the bloody Des O‘Connor show.” (these days, that’s like saying ‘I didn't get it watching the X factor or reality TV shows.’)

That sums it all up!

Although I believe most people are capable of creating a successful business, not everyone is prepared to do what it
takes. If you spent an hour a day, every day, studying the secrets of successful marketing, how long do you think it
would take before you could resign from your job?

I’d wager about six to twelve months!

But how many people are prepared to make this small sacrifice? Very few (and it’s just as well – more for the rest of
us!). It would be wrong for me to say it’s easy to make money online, but it’s fair to say that it’s easier now than it
ever was to start your own business … IF, and only IF, you’re prepared to commit yourself to learning! And these days you don’t even have to leave the house to spend countless hours in the library in order to learn (though it’s a great focus

If you want to grow a successful business, start by working on your self-image. Convince yourself that you deserve success, and then develop the confidence to take on the responsibility necessary to succeed.

Which brings me to … positive thinking!

I’ve read stacks of books on positive thinking, and I’ll let you in on a wee secret … Most of them are CRAP!

There are two ways to approach positive thinking. First, the old-fashioned positive mindset.

You walk into a garden full of weeds, place your hands over your eyes, and proclaim, “THERE ARE NO WEEDS IN
THIS GARDEN. THERE ARE NO WEEDS IN THIS GARDEN. THIS IS A BEAUTIFUL GARDEN.” Anyone who has ever been involved in the multi-level marketing world of bullshit knows this one very well.

The correct way to adopt a positive attitude is to walk into the garden and say, “This garden has lots of potential. Let’s
deal with the weeds, haul off the junk, and landscape it – then it’ll be a bloody beautiful garden.”

Hey, not everything in the world is bright and shiny. It’s normal and healthy to be pissed off at times, too. In fact, most of my biggest successes came after I got really angry and pissed off that things weren’t going the way I wanted.

This gave me the motivation to work hard and fix a problem, while always maintaining a quiet belief that said, “I WILL

There’s a profound difference between shouting feel-good affirmation at the mirror and having a quiet feeling of
determined confidence that you will succeed in a particular project or situation.

I Just Want to Be Happy

The word “JUST” says everything about the person who utters this ridiculous statement. People who say they “just
want to be happy” haven’t got a bloody clue what happiness is, and they haven’t figured out that you can NEVER achieve
a permanent state of happiness. Which is just as well because you’d get bored with it, and then you’d be unhappy.

I don’t know how many times I’ve heard people say things like, “If I could just win the lottery, then I’d be happy.” They want to sit on their fat, lazy arses and HOPE someone just gives them 30 million dollars after spending a few bucks on a lottery ticket! That’s their one shot at happiness?

Like virtually all other wealthy entrepreneurs, I’ve worked extremely hard to create my exact level of success.

That’s twelve to fourteen hours per day, six or seven days a week, for the best part of ten years to make a measly $1
million dollars. And guess what? I’ve lost count of the number of months I had to pay my staff first and go without a salary!

Being “comfortable“ or “happy“ is a dangerous place to be because you’ll stop setting goals, you’ll drink more alcohol, you’ll overeat, and you’ll let things fall apart. And when that happens, you become fat and truly unhappy.

Tony Robbins explains this much better than I can:
Quote: [“We all have the ability to take absolute charge of our lives — but having the ability isn’t the same as using it.
“Life is full of pitfalls that prevent us from maximizing our full potential. The 5 Keys to Wealth and Happiness is your map to where some of these pitfalls are, and your guide to overcoming them. If you master these keys, there’s no limit to what you can do!

Key #1: You must learn how to handle frustration.
“Frustration can kill dreams. It can change a positive attitude into a negative one, an empowering state into a crippling one. Look at almost any great success, and you’ll find there’s been massive frustration along the way. All successful people know to plow through roadblocks, using each setback as a learning experience.

Key #2: You must learn how to handle rejection.
Is there anything in the human language that stings more than a “no?” How often have you decided not to try for a
position at your company, make a sales call, or take an audition because you didn’t want to be rejected? There are
no real successes without rejection. The more rejection you get, the better you are, the more you’ve learned, and the
closer you are to your outcome.

Key #3: You must learn to handle financial pressure.
“Handling financial pressure is about knowing how to get and how to give, knowing how to earn and how to save.
Money is like anything else in life; you can make it work for you, or against you. Learn to deal with financial pressure
with the same purpose and elegance as other things in your life, so money is no longer a source of unhappiness or
compromised ideals.

Key #4: You must learn to handle complacency.
“We’ve all seen people — celebrities, athletes, business owners, etc who reach a level of success and then stop.
Comfort can be a disastrous emotion because when we get too comfortable, we stop growing, creating, sharing, and
adding value. The key to managing complacency is to stay focused on your vision and make sure you don’t “major in
minor things.

Key #5: Always give more than you expect to receive.
This is the most important key because it virtually guarantees true happiness. Most people spend their time thinking about how they can receive. Our lives change the moment we change our focus from what we can get to what we can give. The key to any relationship is you have to give first and then keep on giving. Don’t stop and wait to receive!

Money, Money, Money
Let me share a secret with you. Money does not make you happy, sad, comfortable, generous, greedy, evil, or good.
Listen up because this next part may be the best piece of money advice you EVER get in your entire life.

Money makes more of who and what you already are.
Write it down and memorize it – I’m serious.

If you’re a generous person, more money will make you more generous. Are you greedy? Then more money will make you greedier. Happy? More money will make you much happier. If you’re evil, a pile of cash can make you more evil. If you’re fat, you’ll become obese; if you’re sad, you’ll probably become depressed; if you’re moody, you’ll no doubt become unbearable; and if you’re someone who like a few drinks every night, chances are you’ll drink yourself to ruin …

You need to change YOU before you can make lots of money.

Here’s an example. A mate of mine who has always been overweight often tells me he would get a personal trainer if
he won the lottery. No, he bloody wouldn’t! He’d get a personal chef and he’d get fatter.

I pointed out that a personal trainer at the local gym costs just a few hundred dollars a month, and that he could easily
afford it right now. I also mentioned that training three to four times a week (with or without the trainer), along with a
small change to his daily eating habits, would solve his weight problem completely within a couple of months.

People don’t like it when you tell them their problems are no one’s fault but their own, but it’s clear my friend It’s all about daily habits. Habits not just in what you do each day but also your thought habits, such as how you control negative and positive thoughts and feelings.

So NO, it’s not “easy” to make money online and not “everyone” can run a business unless there is massive shift in their beliefs and attitudes.

All for now,

Mark Anthony