How To Use The Google Keyword Tool & Other Helpful Resources

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Here's How To Set Up Your Website "Tags" For Best Optimisation In The Search Engines

The first point is the title tag:

A title tag is something that must contain your most important key words because it is the most important tag. Typically I always put the top keyword in my title tags. The title tag should be no longer than 60 characters, including spaces.

So if you were targeting just the key word "carpet cleaning" the html of your title tag will look like this cc title tag

Here is an image where you can see a title tag from your computer screen after a Google search. In this image the title tag is showing as the headline. So you can see the title tag has a very significant relevance ti Google and the searcher when they arrive to the results page on Google.

title tag 

Since I highly recommend only utilising one keyword for a title tag the only exception to the rule can be your home page where I sometimes utilise up to 3 keywords BUT those 3 keywords MUST be very similar in nature. For example you would NOT put the keywords "Carpet Cleaning" and "Upholstery Cleaning" as they are not the same. What you can do is this - "Carpet Cleaning" and "Carpet Cleaners" and "Carpet Cleaning Sydney".

If you have trouble understanding how to implement all this into your website don't worry, simply instruct your website designer to make the necessary changes.

The second point is your keyword tags:

Your keyword tag should contain your main keyword. Although Google doesn't look on this as importantly as it use to but it is still advised to add your main keyword to the key word tag.

Here is what your html version of your keyword tag will look like: Keyword Tag

Again, if all this doesn't make much sense to you, simply give your important keywords to your web resigner and ask them to add it to your website.

The top key word you choose after using the Google External Keyword Tool should typically be use in your title tag and H1 tag which I will explain now.

The third important point is: 

Your H1 tag. The H1 tag is probably the second most important tag. In the HTML, your H1 tag will be a headline at the very top of your page that will contain the important key word you want that page to rank high in the search engines for.

Here is an example headline using the key word carpet cleaning:
Here's 7 Really Good Reasons To Choose Us For Your Carpet Cleaning

You only need to follow up with 7 really good bullet points and a call to action which should be to call your phone number.

The fourth important point is:

The most prominent key word or the key word phrase you want that web page to rank high for should have it mentioned in the copy of that page at a ratio of no less than 1% but no greater than 2%. What this means is that for every 100 words in your page you should mention the key word no less than once but not more than twice.

The ideal amount of words per page should be no less than 350 words.

Here's a small tip... try to end the copy (words on your website) with the actual key word you want to rank for.

You also should have your key words put in your metta description tag. The description tag will be a sentence that includes your keyword. So assuming the keyword is "Carpet Cleaning" your sentence might read - To hire the best carpet cleaning professional at the right price call 1300 000 000 today.

A description tag will look like this:
description tag

If you are creating an internal page that is targeting a specific keyword phrase, include the keyword at the end of your URL. EXAMPLE: If the keyword is "Upholstery Cleaning" and your website is then your url extension will look like this

In the footer of your website you MUST have the following 5 links:
Home | Contact | Sitemap | Privacy Policy | Terms of Use
If you look at the bottom of my website here you will see the very same links. 

If you want a professional privacy policy made simply drop me a line on (02) 8521 7480 and for just $50 I'll create a Google ready 2 and a half page privacy policy for you.

Last time some of you were wondering if there is some kind of free software to monitor your Google rankings... well I did some digging and found this free tool that has a number of really good reviews. To keep an eye on your progress and your rankings in Google, download and use the free version of this tool FREE MONITOR FOR GOOGLE

Google Autoship: The Google Autoship is a great way to keep on top of duplicate content. 

Google Penguin: Removal of incoming links is now a reality.

Google +
How to set up your account -
How to add the Google +1 to your website.

First log into your Google plus account. Then copy and paste the following url into the browser By doing this you will be at the right page to grab the code from your own Google Plus account.

Watch this video to install the Google Plus IMPORTANT: There is a slight difference from what the video shows to the most updated page from Google when you copy the codeā€¦ See images below.