Let's Start With Learning How To Use The Free Google External Keyword Tool

For the link to use the free Google external keyword tool CLICK HERE 

Here's How You Must Set Up Your Website "Tags" For Best Optimisation In The Search Engines

The first point is the title tag:

A title tag is something that must contain your most important key words because it is the most important tag. Typically I always put the top keyword in my title tags.

So if you were targeting just the key word "carpet cleaning" the html of your title tag will look like this title tag

Here is an image where you can see a title tag from your computer screen after a Google search. In this image the title tag is showing as the headline. So you can see the title tag has a very significant relevance ti Google and the searcher when they arrive to the results page on Google.

Google Title Tag 

If you have trouble understanding all this don't worry, simply instruct your website designer to make the necessary changes.

The second point is your keyword tags:

Your keyword tag should contain your main keyword. Although Google doesn't look on this as importantly as it use to but it is still advised to add your main keyword to the key word tag.

Here is what your html version of your keyword tag will look like:
keyword tag

Again, if all this doesn't make much sense to you, simply give your important keywords to your web resigner and ask them to add it to your website.

The top key word you choose after using the Google External Keyword Tool should typically be use in your title tag and H1 tag which I will explain next.

The third important point is: 

Your H1 tag. The H1 tag is probably the second most important tag. In the HTML, your H1 tag will be a headline at the very top of your page that will contain the important key word you want that page to rank high in the search engines for.

The fourth important point is:

The most prominent key words or the key word you want that web page to rank high for should have it mentioned in the copy of that page at a ratio of a minimum of 1% but no greater than 2%. What this means is that for every 100 words in your page you should mention the key word no less than once but not more than twice.

Here's a small tip... try to end the copy (words on your website) with the key word.

You also should have your key words put in your metta description tag. A description tag will look like this:
description tag 

Latest Entry - What Are 404's
A 404 error usually means that where you once had a page live in the internet it no longer exists. You may have deleted that page or simply changes the url extension but depending on the 404 error you will most likely need to take some serious action to stop any affects in your Google rankings. Read more here straight from Google webmaster tools CLICK HERE.

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My Top 4 Recommendations For Building Google Friendly Backlinks:

Number 1 is:

The HothThis is a special tool in my arsenal that works very well to build consistent and good quality contextual links. I use it extensively with the following 2 tools especially on very competitive industries that require a solid linking structure to rank high on Google and above the competition. The Hoth has 2 levels per month. One is a $60 trial package and the other is just $200. You can maintain complete control as it is 'NOT' a direct debit from any credit card... You physically have to log in and pay them every month unless you arrange it via their monthly program at a further discount. All in all the hoth is an equal number one on my list. CLICK HERE to view the Hoth.

 Number 2 is:

For a long time Linkvana has stood the test of time especially in light of the new Google crack down on blog networks. Still to this very day Linkvana are delivering very good results for their users. Link vana is $147 per month and can be totally automated for around $2 per article to be created which is definately money well spent. To gain access to Linkvana CLICK HERE

Number 3 is:

seo linkvineSince 2009 I have been utilising SEO Linkvine. It is a tool that builds links to my websites from blog and article networks. This software alone is directly responsible for several of my websites ranking number one on Google for very competitive keywords. CLICK HERE to see how SEO Linkvine works

Number 4 is:
senukexOver the years I've used many pieces of software and outsources to many companies but the best I've ever used and still utilise today is a highly advanced piece of software called SENUKEX. It's a little high on the price end at $147 every month but you can use it for as many websites as you like. Here is a link to but SENUKEX If you are like me and prefer someone experienced to do the work for you with SENUKE them here is someone you can outsource too that I use from the number one internet marketing forum on the planet, the worrior forum... Just CLICK HERE to outsource SENUKEX.

To best use SENUKEX you will also require two pieces of software... Once is called THE BEST SPINNER and the other is DECAPTCHER

The Best SpinnerThis is the same software I utilise that helps me turn one unique article into dozens of perfectly unique, keyword rich articles without the need to sit and write all day.

It's good for creating what we call "spun" versions of the original seed article to be placed in article directories, blogs, social networks and so on without ever worrying about duplicate content. It sells for $77 once every year and has automatic updates almost daily included in that fee. CLICK HERE to see it.

DEATH BY CAPTURE:death by capture
Death by capture is a real time saver and very cheap... What it does is solve those pesky captures where you have to enter a sequence of letters and numbers before you access the next step on a website. At only a few cents per solve it's worth it. Most people will usually top up a $20 amount once every three months... For some the $20 will last you more than a year. CLICK HERE to see their website.


text-brokerIf you would like to outsources to a professional writer then for $10 to $20 per article you can have a very well written article. Text broker is free to register with and you only pay when you order an article. I've used many writers from many companies and found a numerous writers at Text Broker to be some of the best. CLICK HERE to register at Text Broker. For a few dollars more you can request a syntax article and from one article you can create 50 to 100 unique articles to use in SEO link vine or with Senuke listed above.

Here is my method for obtaining EDU and GOVERNMENT Backlinks. Simply copy and paste the following into the search bar of Google:

site:.edu inurl:blog “post a comment” -”comments closed” -”you must be logged in” “WHATEVER SUBJECT YOU WANT IT ON

Be sure the change the words marked in yellow to the keyword you would like the subject to be on. Once you find the blogs you can post a comment and hopefully gain a backlink. I say hopefully because not all of your posts will be accepted. Currently the string above is set for EDU links as you see in orange. To gain the same from Government blogs you would simply change the orange EDU to GOV so the string will look like this

site:.gov inurl:blog “post a comment” -”comments closed” -”you must be logged in” “WHATEVER SUBJECT YOU WANT IT ON

Tips to increasing your chances of getting your post accepted. 

1. Always read the original post and make some notes and comment on the post... KEEP IT 100% RELATED.
2. When writing the post do a little Google research so you can post from a position of authority.
3. When posting try to include some tips or advice of some kind that the site owner can benefit from
4. Leave a link to your website or internal page. if they accept anchor text, use the following code placing your website and keyword appropriately:




code to use
Download the code from a text document so you can easily copy and paste by Clicking Here

Here are some time tested resources to help you start that
catchy headline on your website:



To keep an eye on your progress and your rankings in Google, download and use the free version of this tool FREE MONITOR FOR GOOGLE

To check the grade of your website and suggestions on what you need to increase the grade of your website for Google use this free tool WEBSITE GRATER. You need to be graded no less than 60%. Anything less and you will need to work on your website before the rankings in the search engines.