Here's Why You Should Consider Investing In Better Quality SEO Over a Cheap promise:

As in any task being undertaken, if you are being paid peanuts you lack the motivation to give it your all. We ask for a little more thank some yet we deliver many more positive results due to the fact that we spend more time and money on your SEO campaign. Our staff are paid more than most other SEO staff and it's all results driven. The better the results the bigger the reward for them every year... SO they have good incentive.

The way we do SEO is catered for those companies who know they want the best from their SEO results, not those looking for the cheapest consultant and making their decisions based on price alone.

On the flip side there are many companies who simply choose large SEO firms due to their sheer size believing they are the best but for the savvy business professional who looks into what their investment will truly return the following model will appeal to you.

Our opening bill will reflect the additional work load needed in the first month and will differ from client to client. Should you utilise your own web developer and create your own content this will eliminate some of the fees in the initial bill.




If You're Looking for a Company to Help You
With Your SEO Here is What You Need to do Next

We would like to take a look together at your website, some of your main competitors and the keywords you are currently looking to rank for and give you some feedback. Then if you are open to it we would love to shhedule a Free SEO strategy session over the phone to help point you in the right direction.

The call will consist of the following 3 things:

  1. To outline some action steps you need to take to help you with your SEO
  2. To answer your questions thus helping you know what you need to do next
  3. To deliver a fee should you choose to use our services... then leave you to think it over and see if it is a good fit for you.

Should you feal it not a good fit that's OK but if you do feal our direction on SEO is a good fit for you then you only need to call us and let us know.

If this makes sense to you and you would like some real direction with your SEO then fil in the blanks here:

Fill out my online form.


What sort of fees might an initial SEO bill be?

An average bill for the first month can range from $1,850 to $7,700 pending the amount of the workload we implement and up to 12 pages to be SEO'd including the changes of your website pending the amount of pages neeing SEO. Every month after will reflect a smaller amount as the workload will be around half pending the amount of keywords we are working on.

The first months workload implemented on your website will reflect a fee pending the amount of work needed. Every additional content page that needs to be created will vary pending the amount of contnet and will allow for small edits of up to one time without additional fees.

If you don't already know which keywords have proven themselves you will be pleased to know we split test and measure an adwords campaign for 2 to 5 days (pending traffic) to determine real time and true keywords traffic statistics. The results will determine which keywords are worth pursuing. This process eliminates all guess work as we now utilise live and up to date accurate statistics to work with. This small AdWords campaign is implimented free of charge with any six month (or longer) ageement.

We then make sure your website is ready for Google. Any changes to your website does not alter the way your website looks or is viewed.

Then we start building the authority and links to your website over time.

All projects are free from contrcts unless at a reduceded rate over a three, six or twelve month agreement.

Quality results in any SEO campaign will typically take three to six months to bring to surface the middle competitive keywords hence we choose non competitive as well as competitive keywords. Our plan is to bring forth an abundance of cashflow from the non competitive keywords initially while we work on the more competitive keywords for the long term.

SEO is very different from website to website based on multiple factors such as the number of corrections needed on a website, the amount of keywords you wish to rak for, the competative nature of those keywords, the content needed, who is going to create the content and many other factors which outline the work and investment needed.

So why invest in Search Engine Optimisation?

  1. You don't ever have to pay for clicks like you do with Pay Per Click

  2. 41% to 45% of traffic on the front page of Google will click on position 1 in the organic search.

  3. 11% to 18% will click on the second position in the organic search.

  4. 7% to 15% will click on the third position in the organic search. Even position 10 in the organic search on page one of Google will get 3% to 4% of the clicks. 

Here's the shocking statistics... The top positions with PAID POSITIONS (AdWords) are only receiving 2% to 3% of the clicks on page one of Google

When you are listed on the front page of Google in the natural search (not AdWords) you are perceived as a more trusted website... why? Because these days people know the sponsored links are adverts where they are being sold. Many people have wised up to the fact that listings in the natural/organic results are websites that have earned the trust of the search engines.

In addition, when you have your Search Engine Optimisation done with us I will personally invest time to go through your website and give you special techniques that can help your website convert more of your website visitors into action takers (phone calls, web form opt-ins etc). This one thing alone can easily double the amount of phone calls you receive from your website visitors.

Make sure you fill in the blanks above or call today on 1300 884 571 and see how a high performance SEO campaign can increase the leads coming into your business.