Recently I sent out an email that recieved much prise so I thought I'd post it here live for all to read or reference too.

Here's the article.

What’s Killing Small Business Online and What Can Small Business do to Fight Back?

An article by The Australian explained how small business owners are feeling the pinch in these tough economic times and how so many have already gone under. "Essentially what we're seeing is still a very mixed story for small business sales, with wide gaps across geographies and between segments, particularly between retail versus the trades and services," ANZ's general manager of small business, Nick Reade, said.closed-down

“Tough economic times are taking their toll on the small business owner, more than ever before. However there is hope. There are minor, simple, and inexpensive principles that can be implemented by any small business owner to help relieve the financial burden and attract more customers to any business” said Mark Briody of More Clients Fast.

In an interview Mark said “It’s unfortunate many small business owners are throwing large amounts of hard earned money at marketing in an attempt to attract the ever elusive new client.” Mark added… “Small business owners could focus on less expensive remedies that are proven to attract new customers and increase cash-flow without breaking the bank.”

Here are Some of Marks Inexpensive Tips for The Small Business Owner:

  1. Place your phone number clear and bold on the head section of your website. Do not make people click to find your phone number as statistics prove that when you make a website visitor click you can lose up to 4% of your potential customers in less than 7 seconds of them visiting your website.

  2. Stop throwing money at website traffic strategies like SEO and Google Adwords initially. This will not work until your website has been set up to convert more of your website visitors into phone calls. One of the principles that determines your conversion ratios is split testing and measuring a number of diverse principles on your website, determine what converts best then invest in SEO and adwords.

  3. Use video endorsements… A well organised video endorsement can deliver a compelling reason for a potential new customer to want to do business with you as it delivers a convincing story to a viewer rather than a perceived sales pitch.

  4. When possible throw in bonuses that carry perceivable retail value in the eyes of your potential customer. When utilising bonuses or free gifts it’s vitally important the gift has value to the potential customer. Split test and measure different bonuses and choose the one that converts more of your website visitors into opt-ins and phone calls.

  5. Make good use of a web form where your potential customers can receive a free and valued benefit in exchange for their first name and email address (their consent for you to advertise to them). Keep in contact by sending emails of free but valuable information that will provide benefit to your potential customer. People trust businesses that put their customers first. Don’t sell in every email you send, rather keep your contact number and a link to your website in your signature file at the bottom of every email. When you set up your emails in this manner they will be more respected and when people want to visit your website or phone you they will. 

By Mark Anthony