See How a Millionaire Saved $240,000 On Marketing
Then Received Over $264,154 in Just 2 Months

By now I am sure you would have started to see a vast improvement with more clients coming into your business provided you have been implementing my principles.

I hope you don’t mind that I took some time out to write you this letter as something incredible just happened that I thought you might benefit from...

If you can spare a few moments, I’d like to share a true story that I believe you will resonate with.

I was sitting with a good friend of mine a few months back named Peter who is quite successful in his own right and we were talking about business in general. Peter shared with me principles that he has implemented over the past 23 years that have made him so successful. He also shared some of the things that he tried over the years that were a complete flop.

One thing for sure is that he flopped more than he succeeded, but what he did emphasise is how he learned a very important lesson in this process that most business owners never learn.

The lesson is to split test and measure everything you implement and compare the results. When you measure the results you can implement the correct changes needed to steer you towards success rather than doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result.

Sounds simple I know, but in my line of work I see some of the most influential businesses getting this one thing wrong year after year.

Anyway, as I reflected with Peter on his story, he suddenly stopped me and asked: “Mark, I’m a little confused, what exactly do you, do for a living?”

Hello!!... one of my best friends and he doesn’t know what I do for a living? I’ve known this guy for almost 21 years.

So I described how I use my trust-based systems to develop lead generation structures that bring in ideal clients and how I then work with the client to delelop marketing systems that ensure we bring those same clients back to buy more often.

Can you guess what my friend Peter than asked me?

Peter asked: “Mark, why have you not told me about what you do before today?”.

What Peter shared next troubled me greatly… Peter said “If I knew this is what you do Mark, I would have asked you to come to our office 10 months back as we signed a contract with one of your competitors for 12 months at $240,000 and it’s really not working out”.

At that moment, I realised I had failed so miserably at helping one of my dearest friends with what I do best. At the same time, I could have earned almost quarter of a million dollars while delivering a lot more in return for my friend Peter than the other agency has.

I felt like I was given a good kick in the behind…

The point I'm making here is… I had never taken the time to share with Peter much about my business because I didn’t ever want him to think I was using his wealth to 'feather my own nest', if you know what I mean.

Having said that can you guess what happened next.

Peter said to me: “If only you had told me more about what you do because we have literally invested almost quarter of a million dollars in a marketing program that has barely broken even and I would much prefer to have been working with you because of our friendship and trust together.

Boy, didn’t I feel like an awful friend at this point.

In our discussion together, Peter then asked me about how I might implement a lead generation system focused around his finance company. Peter was concerned, as his products are not the cheapest in the market and often potential customers shop around for the best rates. 

At this point I thought it appropriate to share how I created a constant flow of new customers for one of my clients selling similar products around four years back and what I did to take the focus off the price through using a unique lead generation system.

I shared with Peter how this client originally came to me with a huge yet similar problem.

The core of the problem was that when potential clients phoned, they seemed to be always shopping for the best price and price alone. When they received a price, they told him they would think about it and off they went shopping for still a better price.

Does this ever happen to you? Do potential clients hold back from coming on board with you because their perception is that you’re “too expensive”, when in reality your fees are reasonable and backed up by significant value?

Here’s what I shared with Peter that I believe is quite profound:

Prospects in this day and age are not really comparing shopping, meaning they don’t view each business their calling as equal. What they are really doing is RANKING each business based on the amount of trust and value they perceive on that first phone conversation or meeting.

When I told Peter that, he said: “Wow the light bulbs are starting to go on in my head”.

Most of my clients are being “price shopped” by their potential customers for the reason that they are unaware of what a trust based inbound sales process can do for them. By building trust and authority, the price issue is neutralised before the initial conversation ever begins.

Imagine what it would be like to never have to battle a price objection again?

Imagine if you could package your business in a way that attracts your ideal client at the outset of your sales process, so paying clients decide to work with you?

This doesn’t have to be imagined, it can be for real.

I not only teach business owners this very lesson, I show people a system that allows them to grow their business on their own terms, not having to be subservient to their prospect’s “buying process”.

Since sitting with my friend Peter, we have started working together and boy how things have changed in his business. In as little as just two and a half months (according to his accounts department), his business has profited more than the prior year working with the previous agency. Based on the additional profits, Peter has entered into a long term arrangement with me (at his request), and has started to talk with me about a profit share opportunity.

Since then, Peter ha been so impresses with my work, that he has referred two new clients my way which is really nice.

So I got to thinking because many of you who receive my emails have asked for help, so I am about to do something that I have never done before…

I am going to give away a Complimentary 30-Minute New Client Creation Session with you.

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That's all for now,

Mark Anthony

By Mark Anthony