The 7 Dirty Lies SEO Consultants Will Tell You Just To Get Your Business

Ok, here’s the thing… Search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing etc) crawl, index and present web pages! They do NOT do this to websites. Unfortunately a number of people believe SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the ultimate BUT… SEO is simply a means to another way to aid in the exposure of commerce. And it is only one way.

The important thing is that the key point of SEO is to produce a profitable benefit to a business. It’s not just about producing traffic; even though many believe it is.

It’s important you understand that the traffic is simply the HOW. Conversions, registrations, paying customers are the WHY.

The big problem is, the majority of SEO companies are taking advantage of the naive website owner and selling magic potions thus giving SEO a bad reputation.

Here are 7 warning signs that an SEO company is trying to take advantage of you and your lack of SEO knowledge.

Warning 1: They request you to invest all your advertising budget into SEO and Google advertising.

Yes… SEO can deliver an unbelievable return on your investment but you must understand that the Search Engines change and are changing all the time. One minute you might be flying high on the top of Google while the next you are nowhere to be found. A wise man once said “Own multiple streams of income” and in business I stand by that 100%. If something happens to one stream of traffic to your website you have several others to fall back on. Think about alternatives to attract your website visitors like off page advertising, local papers, flyers, radio, tv, direct mail, and other forms of advertising. When you achieve a constant flow of website traffic it’s wise to utilise email marketing, online coupons and other attraction factors to maximise your database and conversions.

Warning 2: Search engine optimisation is getting your home page at the top of Google.

Remember that every single page of your website is a possible asset. Because a user will navigate via search, you must map out keywords and selling propositions alongside URL's and endeavour to offer the “most relevant” user experience on your website.

Every page of your website should be optimised for the particular subject (keyword or keyword phrase) you are describing. Utilising altered meta tags, keywords, title tags, H1 tags for each page helps both users and search engines thus delivering you the desired result... Customers.

Try to understand that every page of your website offers a chance to convert searches into buying customers. Why list your special offer, phone number and opt-in form just on one page if you have buyers landing on every page of your website?

Warning 3: We will submit your web site to 2,000 search engines.

There is no point having the best add in the middle of nowhere… Google, Yahoo and Bing are more than enough. The thing is, medium and smaller sized search engines are typically powered by the big search engines which means if you are listed on the big three you will naturally be on the smaller search engines too.

There’s never any need to pay anyone to submit your website to any search engine as the search engines are pretty good at finding websites themselves these days.

Warning 4: Have your site optimised and promoted for six months for just $300 a month.

This is totally unrealistic to expect good honest work from a professional SEO company for such a little fee.

The thing to understand is that SEO is a long-term project based first and foremost on an intelligent and a well planned strategy. A strong foundation must be built first by making solid connections and relationships to your website. This put plainly is not a free service. SEO is not a simple service that some may have you believe.

This does NOT mean that small business owners with a limited budget can’t utilise SEO.

What it does mean is that small businesses with small budgets need to understand what’s involved and decide if SEO is the best option at the moment.

Warning 5: It’s a trade secret so we can’t tell you what we are doing.

Here’s the thing… There really isn’t a whole lot of “trade secret” to SEO... Rather one learns over years doing this kind of work just like any other trade or profession. SEO companies are not paid because they have some secret or have an insider at Google; they are paid because of the experience and tenacity they have in dealing with the search engines, and the success they can bring to a website. They are being paid to offer the best solution in the context of your needs as a business.

Should a company tell you they can’t reveal their trade secrets (or simply won’t tell you), it’s probably because they don’t know what they are doing and are making a bluff by attempting to mask this fact with clever words used in the industry.

Warning 6: We know someone at Google.

I can’t believe some people actually use this… I also know a guy at Energy Australia but I still pay for electricity. I know a guy at the tax department but I still have a tax bill.

Know this, Google is not going to risk it’s reputation just because someone knows someone. Do not believe it.

There is a saying amongst SEO professionals that goes… you could not walk into Google with a Billion Dollar check and pay for top search results.

Warning 7: Using tricks with keywords

Generating compelling and useful content will sway your website more than any of the other factors.

It’s important you know how to use your industry terminology, main keywords and most searched keywords.

And here’s the kicker… Understanding the difference between fashionable keywords and keywords that a buying customer will most likely be using to find you will make the big difference to your bottom line.

What I mean by this is by doing proper research you can learn which keywords are the “money keywords"… the words that people will more than likely type when they are a buying customer as apposed to a shopper looking for free stuff.

Endeavour to choose a market position you feel you can dominate. The top 10 result for the key word “wedding” would produces far less targeted traffic to your website compared to the key word “wedding cars” if you own a wedding car company.

By Mark Anthony

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