Here's How To Create a Compelling Offer
That Your Potential Customer Just Cant Resist

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This is a really easy one and the shortest tip I will ever send you because it's so simple.

We are going to start with a free give away as an example.
  What can you give away for Free to your potential customers that is perceived as valuable in their eyes? 

2.  You will include the free giveaway in any advertisement you do but here's the thing...

3.   You will limit the number of giveaways. Or you will limit the time it is available. This will create a sense of urgency and get people to act NOW!

This is only an example... you do not have to give something away for free, you might have a discount BUT the key with a discount is to NOT use a percentage but to use an actual dollar amount. Most people will typically say 10% off and that just doesn't cut it anymore and is perceived as not giving much. You would be much better off charging a full price.

For Example: Instead of saying 10% off you would say... Receive $37 off Your Carpet Cleaning When You Book Before November 21st... Offer is Limited To The First 97 People ONLY!

I know this may seem like a small thing, and it is but small things repeated will complete any undertaking. Making a special offer here and there and testing and measuring your offers will let you know which is the best one to offer.

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