What Are They Not Telling Us About SEO and Google Adwords

As most of us already know, Google conducts regular changes to their search engine algorithm but the challenge is that Google is making things ever increasingly dificult and more expensive for business and companies to achieve a listing on Google's front page. If you are looking to invest with an adwords or SEO specialist here are some things to consider...

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation):
The SEO world has been changing and evolving for years and with the pace Google keeps expanding on their ever so secretive algorithms its increasingly challenging to hold strong and long lasting rankings in the Google search engine.

Does this mean we should not partake in hiring an SEO consultant? Defiantly not... What you should be doing is becoming a little educated on SEO so when you do invest with a professional to work with you on our SEO you know all the right questions to ask and you'll fully understand the risks involved.

What risks?

First you should know that Google is changing it's algorithms all the time... It was reported by search engine land that in 2012 Google had over 360 algorithm changes, that's around a change a day. It's not these small changes that affect most honest organisations, rather it's the big algorithm changes that come about once or twice a year.

When Google brings a new and big algorithm change it may affect your rankings or adwords campaign. These has been many companies who have been on the front page of Google for years and woke up one morning to find they have been blocked and they have never recovered.

Does this mean you will suffer from the same bad news? It's inevitable you will be affected by Google and it's changes at some point and in truth only Google can answer the question if you will truly be affected in a small or large way.

It's important these days to understand the basics before you invest money with an SEO company simply because you will then know the appropriate questions to ask. When you are in full possession of the facts you can make an informed decision if SEO will or will not be feasible for you and your company.

If you would like to understand the basics here are some links with the information  you will need:

By Mark Anthony