Here's How You MUST Set Up Your Website 'HTML Tags' For Best Optimisation In Search Engines Regardless Of Your Industry

The first point is the title tag:

A title tag is something that must contain your most important key words because it is the most important tag. Typically I always put the top one or two keywords in my title tag of the home page and only one keyword phrase per internal page. The title tag should be no longer than 60 characters, including spaces.

In the HTML format, a title tag will look like this:

So if you were targeting the key word "carpet cleaning" your title tag will look like this title tag

Here is an image of where you can see a title tag. In this image the title tag is showing as:

tags image

If you have trouble understanding all this don't worry, simply instruct your website designer to make the necessary changes.

The second point is your keyword tags:

Your keyword tag should contain ALL your keywords. Although Google doesn't look on this as importantly as it use to but it is still advised to add all your keywords to the key word tag. The keyword tag should be no longer than 800 spaces, including spaces.

Here is what your keyword tag will look like: keyword tag one

Again, if all this doesn't make much sense to you, simply give your important keywords to your web resigner and ask them to add it to your website.

Here's How To Know Which Are The Best Key Words:

Use Google to tell you. If you haven't already, simply register a free gmail account and create a google adwords account. If you are not sure how to do this just head on over to you tube and look up a video tutorial on how to create a Google adwords account.

Here is a youtube tutorial video that shows you how to set up a gmail account:

The Google keyword tool is what you will use because it will give you a close estimation of the number of times a word was searches for on Google. It's very simple... Just to make things easier here is a quick tutorial I found:


The third important point is:  

Your H1 tag. The H1 tag is probably the second most important tag. In the HTML, your H1 tag will begin with and finish with and it will contain the important things in between one if which will be at least one of your most important key words or the key word you want that page to rank high in the search engines for.

The fourth important point is:

The most prominent key words or the key word you want that web page to rank high for should have it mentioned in the copy of that page at a ratio of a minimum of 1% but no greater than 2%. What this means is that for every 100 words in your page you should mention the key word no less than once but not more than twice.

You also should have your key words put in your metta keyword tag. A keyword tag will look like this:keywords example

Here's a small tip... try to end the copy (words on your website) with the key word.

By Mark Anthony

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P.S: I hope this has helped you to re-structure your website so it looks much more attractive to the search engines.