Here's An SEO Tip That Is Usually Missed

This may seem small but it can cost you dearly...

Ok! Now listen up because this is important... When you own a number of websites you will sometimes find yourself using the strength of one site to link to another site. This can be a wonderful strategy BUT if you decide you want to do this, make sure you only link from one page and NOT the entire website.

Here's what I mean by that...

Recently, someone I personally know put a link on one of his websites and had the link go to another website that needed a boost.

The first website was producing a Google page rank of 3 where the other website was only producing a Google page rank of just 1.

Now this is not a bad strategy if you own a number of websites BUT the fatal error was...

He added the link to the footer of the website... There were over 100 peges and the footer is part of all those pages so effectively there was over 100 links from the same website and ALL the footers were duplicate.

The big problem with this is that it can look very spammy to Google.

The next time his websites were crawled he noticed the website producing the page rank of 3 dropped to a page rank of just 1 and the other website staid the same page rank of 1. The first website also dropped a number of pages in the Google rankings ultimately costing him money in lost revenue.

So... What's the lesson here?

When linking from a website to another website you own, only link from one page on the website and no more. That way it looks natural to Google and the other search engines.

The other important thing to note is that whenever you are linking from one website to another the theme must be related. Example. link from a dog website to a website about dog food... Do not link from a dog website to a website about fish.

By Mark Anthony

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