Testing & Measuring Is The ULTIMATE To Minimising Advertising Costs & Maximising Profits... Here's How It's Done

Here's The BIG secret to ANY marketing success... This is the single "MOST IMPORTANT" step to making any website heading, copy or any advertisement successful. Testing and Measuring!

Here's how its done:

Let's say I was going to test and measure the heading at the top of this page. I would simply write a number of different headlines (in red) that contain the major benefit.

I always write ten or more headlines. Once I am happy with them I save them to a file on my computer.

Once I have had 250 visitors to my website I then do two things... I take a log of how many of the 250 visitors left their name and email in my auto responder. I then take a log of how many of those 250 visitors resulted in a sale.

Here's the kicker... The moment I've done this with ALL the ten headings I will know with absolute certainty which one converts the best. If it was headline number four on the list then I will delete the current headline and replace it with the one that was most successful.

Here's the thing... This techniques can be used with any form of advertising from headlines, copy, letter box drops, cinema advertising and classified adds and much more.

If you're not testing and measuring your advertising you are literally throwing money down the gurgle.

Here's What Will Happen
If You DON'T Test & Measure
Your Advertising

You WILL loose money 100% every time... Let me 'PROVE' it!

If you don't test and measure how will you know if:

  • The add you are using is actually working  
  • The heading you are using is grabbing the attention of your reader  
  • The call to action is doing its job  
  • Your Guarantee is good enough  
  • The benefits are what your potential customers want  

The thing is what you and I think are the best for our "Potential Customers" may not necessarily be the best so lets let them tell us through a carefully monitored testing and measuring campaign.

A True Story:

A friend of mine owns a carpet cleaning business and he recently took out another local yellow pages advert which cost him $5,000.

I asked him why he did that.

His answer was because it gets him business. So I asked him how does he know and his answer was shocking.

He said: I don't know. 

The thing is if he simply did a little testing and measuring he would know with absolute certainty if the yellow pages add was working.

Here's How To Test and Measure a Yellow Pages Add

Lets use the carpet cleaner as an example.

Somewhere in the add (Preferable just before your phone number) you would have a Free giveaway (it must be of value to the potential customer) and a promotional code just like in the headline below.

When You Book Your Carpets To Be Cleaned With Me You Will
Also Receive a 'SPECIAL BOTTLE' Of Spot Remover (Valued at $29.95) Absolutely FREE Simply Quote the code below When Calling


By Mark Anthony

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P.S: If you really want to maximise your headings, copy and advertising you MUST test and measure.

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