The Words On Your Website Make A
"MASSIVE" Difference That Will Either Compel Your Potential Customer To Take Action Or Turn Them Away In Just A Few Seconds... So It's MUCH Better To Use Words That Attract Customers - Here's How

These principles also apply to any classifieds add you write, magazine advertisement, billboards and any written advert of any kind.

Here's the thing, if the words on your website don't compel the reader, if they don't capture the reader and compel them to read on they are simply going to hit the back button and you will loose them forever. That is bad news if you are paying for PPC (Pay Per Click) On any of the search engines.

If you have doubts then think about how many times you have hit the back button because a website didn't grab you, interest you or make you feel like you will be missing out if you don't read on.

Here's a Real Life Example...

Here's a live example of two real advertisements that were used for the lawn mowing and garden industry by a friend of mine.

The first add is the one my friend wrote and the second add I wrote.

The goal was to mainly promote his new service that makes peoples lawns green and keeps them green. He also wanted to attract more customers to his lawn mowing service.

Now I have kept his details blank for privacy reasons but you will get the point after reading these two advertisements.

Here's the first advert that he wrote and was not doing so well:

Bad Ad Example

Here's the second advert I wrote that brought in a ton of business:

Goog Advert Example

Here's the results of both advertisements...

Advert 1: This add cost Adam just on $200 each time. Adam placed in his local paper five times a month which totals $1,000 a month. He averages $80 a job and gets 12 to 15 jobs a month which at best for 15 jobs at $80 each totals $1,200 less $1,000 is only a $200 profit.

The numerous faults with add 1 is:

  • There's no compelling offer  
  • There's no reason why potential customers should use Adams lawn mowing as opposed to Adam's competitors  
  • There is no guarantee of any kind.  
  • There's absolutely no benefits at all  
  • And there is no call to action.  

Adam is doing just what everyone else does... he is advertising his name, what he does and his contact information... Nothing more. Unfortunately this just doesn't cut it in the real world and he diminishes his chances of gaining customers because his add is just not interesting.

So I sat down with Adam and worked out an effortless and very easy plan which resulted in add number 2.

Advert 2: Lets look at the second add more closely - First add 2 has:

  • A heading and sub heading that grabs the attention of anyone who is looking to own a green lawn  
  • It has bullet points that outline what problems  
  • The add had another heading under the bullet points that is FULL of benefits and a KILLER guarantee  
  • Lastly it has a really good call to action which involves the customer making a phone call or making a website visit for a $50 discount card.  

If you were looking for someone to mow your lawns or to make your lawns green again and you read both adds... which add do you think you would choose to call?

Can you see that by investing a little thinking time and choosing the right words you can attract more customers to your business?

The moment you learn where and how to market an add like this, is the moment you start to truly learn how to make real money in your business.

How Can You Learn To
Write Like This and Much Better?

Ok... So how and where can you learn to write "Compelling Copy" as it's called?

There are numerous places so I'll recommend a couple for you I know are good:

Here are 12 tips I have found that will
help you, constantly improve your writing skills.

1. Outline what you want to say before writing a word.

2. Create powerful headlines and sub-headlines prior to preparing the body copy.

3. Write your first draft as quickly as possible without worrying about being perfect.

4. If you have the time and are not fighting a deadline, leave a week or two for the editing and rewriting process.

5. The first step is to start eliminating each and every unnecessary word. This includes most adjectives and adverbs.
Tip: Make your writing as lean as possible. But here is the ideal.
Write just long enough so your message is complete.

6. Start strong. Finish strong. Rewrite your first sentence and last paragraph. They are crucially important.
Tip: A good technique for a finish to any piece of work is a brief
and exciting summary.

7. Use a single idea in each sentence. Do not use two, three or more as do most writers. The exception is in a headline where you can use up to three related ideas or benefits.

8. Make provocative promises. Then prove them with supporting facts.

9. Use mostly short words-75% should be five letters or less.

10. Use short sentences-75% should be less than 17 words.

11. Use short paragraphs-five sentences or less.
Tip: Vary the paragraph length. Similar length paragraphs and sentences can bore the reader. Sprinkle in a few one-word paragraphs.

12. Let your work breathe between rewrites.
Tip: Put your work down for at least a day and let it rest. Your next rewrite will significantly improve. As you incorporate these 12 tips in your writing, I know you will be delighted. And your readers will be too.

By Mark Anthony

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P.S: These compelling writing tips above definitely help to bring in a lot more business so make sure you use them.