Here is a list of my knowledge and what I do very, very well.

  • Google Adwords (conversion split testing and measuring for 3 months on average)

  • SEO (search engine optimisation)

  • Website landing page split testing and measuring of different principles and call’s to action leading to higher conversions.

  • Working with sales teams for their over the phone sales… Not only the words and rebuttals they use, also the tonality of how to speak with potential clients which also increases trust followed by more conversions (sales). 

  • Videography for websites (video creation) Both budget and high end

  • Webinars for either building a list, to obtain more phone calls or to sell a product on the webinar

  • Television and radio script writing

  • I have a professional press and media person I work with

  • Sales copy writing including snail mail, coupons and websites etc

  • I specialise in Facebook Advertising and hone in on principles that deliver outstanding results

  • Much of my work is fixing current campaigns that companies run.
    A company is running Radio advertising but not really able to tell if it’s working of not all while they are spending $35,000 a month. I call the radio station on behalf of my client and negotiate to split test different adverts. I work out multiple scripts, use one of my voice-over professionals and deliver half a dozen different adverts, each with a different 1300 phone number to track with 100% accuracy.

I do the same or very similar with running television adverts, letterbox drops, newspaper advertising, magazines… even the words that go on business cards and promotions.